I am a freelance photographer and videographer that was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania, where my fondness of art began as a kid. I loved to draw mostly, with the imagination of a child I would draw all sorts of things, most of them not real, but that’s the beauty of art right? As I grew up I fell away from drawing and when I was 15 I used a DSLR camera for the first time. I had taken my girlfriend at the times Nikon d40 to a car show in Ocean City, Maryland called h2oi. Little did I know that both of those paths would grow into huge parts of my life. And while there was a few years until I started to thoroughly dive into photography, that’s where it all began.

Within another few years, I fell entirely in love with it, and it became everything to me. I started traveling constantly to experience all the things the world has to offer and capture the essence of beauty everywhere I went. As time went on I wanted to learn more and grow into what I desired to be, video started to be more and more enticing to me, so I pushed myself to go to school. I went to a small school called the Academy for Media Production for photo and video and a small portion of audio.

I have been freelance full time since shortly after I graduated from AMP in March of 2017. I recently moved up into The Rocky Mountains in Fairplay, Colorado where I’m working to grow into the best version of myself possible. I am eager to broaden my horizons with new opportunities and experiences, feel free to e-mail me with any work you may have for me! If you’re in need of some wall decor, head on over to the shop and see if anything sparks your interest! I look forward to hearing from you!